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Caregiver Agreements

One way to delay an aging loved one’s entry into a nursing home is to care for them at their home. Often, family members and close friends are the ones who provide personal care for their loved-one. However, the time commitment and the financial stress on the caregiver is unrelenting. There is another way – caregiver agreements.  

A caregiver agreement is a contract between an aging adult and their caregiver that sets-forth in detail the care services to be provided. The caregiver is paid fair market value for their time and services provided. A caregiver agreement can be for a set period of time or for the lifetime of the aging adult, and the services provided will delay or prevent the aging-adult from needing to enter a nursing home. Receiving personalized care while remaining one’s home promotes independence and comfort. A caregiver can be a family member or a close friend, who helps the aging-adult with things like grocery shopping, paying bills, transportation, laundry, and attending doctor’s appointments.

Caregiver agreements are specific types of personal care contracts for the performance of present or future support services by the caregiver. They make it possible for family members or close friends to devote the necessary time and care to their loved one while also relieving the caregiver of the usual financial burden associated with taking care of an aging loved-on. Ohio caregiver agreements are closely scrutinized by Ohio Medicaid, so it is important to have the correct contract language and requirements set-forth in the agreement.  When drafted properly Ohio caregiver agreements benefit aging adults by allowing them to receive care in the confines of their own home.  

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