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Ohio – Will

In its simplest terms, an Ohio Will is a legal document that sets-forth how you want your assets to be distributed after you pass away. It is very important to your family and loved-ones that you have a Will in place to ensure your wishes are carried-out and to eliminate family discord.  If you do not have a Will your assets will be distributed to the persons set-forth in Ohio Dissent and Distribution statute.

In addition to distributing assets, a Will is also a means to appoint the individual that will serve as the executor of your estate.  The executor is responsible for the gathering decedent’s assets, paying valid estate liabilities, and distributing the remaining estate assets to beneficiaries as stated in the Will.

A Will is also the primary way of nominating a guardian to care for minor children should neither parent be living.  Provisions can be made in your Will to ensure your guardian has the financial resources to help defray child rearing costs.  Your designation of a guardian is a very important decision that will be given great deference by the probate court.

An Ohio Will is a valuable and necessary estate planning document that everyone, at a minimum, should have in place. It not only saves your estate money, it also ensures that your wishes will be followed when leaving your assets to loved-ones. At Winkler Legal we take the time to understand your wishes and concerns when creating an Ohio Will tailored to meet your family’s unique circumstances.

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