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How to End an Ohio Marriage – Dissolution or Divorce?

In Ohio there are two ways to end a marriage – by dissolution of marriage or by divorce.

An Ohio dissolution of marriage (“dissolution”) is a proceeding where both spouses reach an agreement regarding the terms of ending the marriage.  Winkler Legal represents clients in dissolution negotiations and advises spouses as to their rights under Ohio law. Usually, dissolutions are less costly and less time consuming than a divorce and provides spouses significant control over the outcome of their case.   For this reason, Winkler Legal offers Central Ohioans affordable flat-fee dissolution services that include preparation of all legal documents, all filings at court and attendance at the final hearing. It is not uncommon for Winkler Legal to represent one spouse, while also working with the non-client spouse to complete the necessary dissolution of marriage paperwork.    

An Ohio divorce is an adversarial proceeding where spouses sue one another to end the marriage by divorce.  A divorce proceeding involves significant court involvement, making it more time consuming and expensive with less control over the outcome. However, sometimes ending a marriage by divorce is  unavoidable, especially if one spouse wants to remain married or where domestic violence is evident. At Winkler Legal we represent spouses in contested divorce litigation including spousal support, child custody and support and disputes involving allocation of marital assets and liabilities.  

Whether you are seeking a dissolution of marriage or are facing a difficult divorce, contact Winkler Legal for a free telephone consultation to discuss your options.  Attorney Dirk Winkler has over twenty-two years of legal experience and has represented many Central Ohioans facing the uncertainty caused by the ending of a marriage.  During our representation we will get to know you as an individual to better understand what is important to you so that we may set realistic and achievable goals. Because of Mr. Winkler’s significant experience with complex family law matters you can have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your interests will be protected.    

How Should I End My Marriage?
The decision to end a marriage is a very personal decision that only you can answer.  However, if you have decided to end your marriage, then you may want to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you and your spouse in agreement that your marriage is ending?
  2. Can you and your spouse have an objective conversation (as best as possible under the circumstances) regarding separating your assets and liabilities, caring for the children (if minor children are involved) and transitioning to separate lives?
  3. Are you and your spouse wanting to avoid a costly and stressful divorce proceeding?
  4. Are you and your spouse able to set-aside any grievances against one another (whether valid or not) in order to reach amicable terms of ending the marriage?
  5. Is there no history of domestic violence? 


If you answered “yes” to the following questions, then ending your marriage by dissolution is a viable option. Dissolution of marriage is the most dignified manner of ending a marriage in that the parties must jointly agree on the terms and conditions of the dissolution, and then jointly file the documents with the court for final approval. Dissolution of marriage provides the parties control over the process at a significant cost savings and less time as compared to divorce.  

In some circumstances divorce is the only option available. If that is the case, then let our legal experience work for you. Attorney Dirken D. Winkler has over twenty-two years of legal experience and has represented Central Ohioans in ending their marriages with the best possible outcomes. A divorce proceeding can be difficult, and it is our job to step-in as your advocate to ensure that your concerns and wishes are represented fully.

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