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Estate Administration

Probate/Estate Administration Overview

The probate estate administration process can be complex and confusing, and there are many legal requirements that must be followed. Winkler Legal, LLC represents estate executors and administrators, estate beneficiaries, and estate creditors in Ohio probate court proceedings.

Executor or Administrator
An “executor” is the individual nominated in decedent’s Will, whereas, an “administrator” is the person appointed by the probate court when decedent did not have a Will.  Usually, a bond is not required for an executor, but is required for an administrator. 

What is the Probate Court?
Each county in Ohio has a Probate Court, which is responsible for supervising the administration of estates in the state of Ohio.  The decedent’s county of residence at death determines which Probate Court has jurisdiction. Whether the decedent had a Will or not, the Probate Court has jurisdiction to ensure that an estate is administered correctly. If decedent had a Will it will need to be filed with the probate court to open the state.  

What is a Probate Estate?
The probate estate is that portion of a decedent’s estate that does not pass to heirs by beneficiary designation, survivorship designation or payable on death designations.  A probate proceeding is the process by which a decedent’s probate estate assets are gathered, debts are paid, and remaining estate assets are distributed in accordance with decedent’s Will, or Ohio Intestacy Statute, as applicable.  It is important to have a Central Ohio probate law firm with the experience and understanding to provide you the right guidance.

Probate Administration Services
Winkler Legal is a full-service probate administration law firm.  We represent executors and administrators in all aspects of administering on Ohio probate estate.  Most clients prefer to allow us to handle all of the day-to-day aspects of administering an estate, including sorting through records, documenting and tracking assets, preparing checks and arranging payment of estate liabilities, handling beneficiary inquires, negotiations with estate creditors and assistance with selling estate assets, estate tax filings, and preparing and filing all probate court documents. However, Winkler Legal will provide your level of probate administration services that you desire.

We are a full-service estate administration services law firm that enables executors / administrators to focus on working through the other challenges of losing a loved-one while we ensure efficiency and compliance with Ohio’s probate laws. 

Contact Winkler Legal to learn more about our full-service Ohio probate administration services.

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